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For Dealers

Repairers will access a combined workflow in one system: PartsTrader

Simplified Workflow
Achieve significant gains in both productivity and profitability while using the PartsTrader® application, with our new CollisionLink® supplier integration.


Easier Access to Pricing Programs
Repairer submitted quote requests in PartsTrader will automatically be pulled into the supplier dashboard on CollisionLink, and are eligible for manufacturer-sponsored pricing programs.

Fewer Screens to Manage
Repairers will no longer have to resubmit their requests outside of the PartsTrader system to receive this benefit, when the requests are sent to participating dealers.

Increased Accuracy, Fewer Returns
Quote requests submitted in PartsTrader will also benefit from CollisionLink’s part number verification system, reducing ordering errors, repair delays and part returns.

Write Estimates According to DRP Guidelines and
Export to PartsTrader as Usual

To take advantage of this new benefit, repairers simply write an estimate requesting alternative part types per DRP guidelines and then export to PartsTrader just as they do today.